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Yacht boarding equipments and passerelles

The gangways of Sanguineti Chiavari are available in different models to totally satisfy the Clients's needs and requests. The high quality of the details, the design and their stability makes them the top choice of the best Italian shipyards.

Boarding ladders

Yacht boarding equipments and boarding ladders

The boarding ladders of Sanguineti Chiavari are studied and designed to guarantee the maximum comfort to get on board a large range of vessels. They can be activated by hydraulic power, electrically or, for the more simple models, even manually.


Yacht boarding equipments and ladders

The ladders of Sanguineti Chiavari are studied and designed to get off board or at sea. Available in different sizes or custom made according to the Client's needs and requests. They are activated by hydraulic power, electrically or manually.

Tender handlings

Yacht boarding equipments and cranes

The tender handlings of Sanguineti Chiavari include a large range of solutions to chose according to available space on board and the movement needs of the vessel.


Yacht boarding equipments and handling

Sanguineti Chiavari provides different types of handlings for each type of vessel to improve your stay on board and the look of the vessel. Each product is studied and designed according to requests.

Deck equipments

Yacht boarding equipments by Sanguineti Chiavari

Sanguineti Chiavari provides a large range of yacht boarding equipments and deck accessories made using high quality material adapted to resist the marine environment and with particular attention to the care of the details.


Furnishing and yacht boarding equipments

Sanguineti Chiavari in these years has developed a line of furniture specific for yachts. As it is produced in two kinds of material, the furniture is also very much appreciated not only in the marine ambient.

Electric products

Marine electrical products and yacht boarding equipments

Sanguineti Chiavari has a large range of electrical devices to be used in the marine setting, as controls, remote controls, programmed controls, navigation lights and the App for smartphones.


Yacht boarding equipments for refit

The know-how obtained in nearly 60 years of activity permits us to offer a large range of yacht boarding equipments which can help the owner and his/her staff to chose the accessories according to the style of the vessel, both historic or modern.

Luxury Yachts

Luxury yacht boarding equipments

Sanguineti Chiavari designs and supplies products for the fitting of Super-Yachts. It's technical department can design custom made systems and adapt products to the specific requests thanks to an advanced technological 3D system.

Vintage boat

Yacht boarding equipments for vintage boat

Sanguineti Chiavari can collaborate for the refitting of vintage boats, developing the best solution according to the boat's style and using at the same time the advanced technology of the sector.


Naval and miltary boarding equipments

Sanguineti Chiavari produces different articles that have the adaptability for military and naval purposes. Some yacht boarding equipments may be used in the standard version whereas others have to be adapted to the requests.