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Sanguineti Chiavari Produzione Articoli Nautici s.r.l. was founded in 1958 as Sanguineti&Chiappe by its founder Sanguineti Virginio. Since the beginning of its history, Clients have had various requests. Due to the fact that no other site was able to satisfy these requests, Sanguineti Chiavari developed a large range of products and yacht accessories. Clients are still today astonished by the variety of our product line.

Yacht accessories since 1958

In the following years, a production site named Sanguineti Chiavari srl was founded on 19th July 1978 to satisfy the demands of yachting and it soon became leader in the manufacturing of accessories for yachts, super yachts, boats and working boats.

Sanguineti Chiavari - italian yacht accessories