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Corresponding with the launch this week of our new web site www.sanguineti.com, we are proud to inform you that we will be also launching our new corporate identity.
The focal point of the new corporate identity is the iconic SC round logo with a new blue color. The SC logo has always been a tag on our Company’s products and we have chosen to reinstate the icon by using it as our official logo once again.
The logo has been adapted to the graphic requirements of the 21st century. It has also been enhanced by a completely new corporate identity that creates a fresh élan for Sanguineti.
The implementation of the new corporate identity will take place in different stages. Although the most eye-catching elements will be updated immediately. This allows us to be as efficient as possible and enables you to gradually adapt to our new style, where necessary.
If you have any questions about our new logo or wish to receive the new logo for your communication, please get in touch with Sanguineti department: sanguineti@sanguineti.com
Best regards.