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Retractile capstan Inox

Retractile capstan with motorized up and down movement to remove the deck encumbrance. Construction in stainless steel AISI 316 in order to withstand the marine environment without oxidations.Mounting with double flange. Electric or hydraulic engine type

Transversal beam side boarding ladder with drawer closing movement

Transversal beam side boarding ladder with rotation 180° and self-leveling manual stanchions.
Also available with automatic stanchions.

Multifunction gangway for superyachts

Innovative stainless steel gangway with a double function. The gangway works both as a ladder that allow you to access directly to the beach platform and as a telescopic gangway to access to the dock.
The advanced system avoid the necessity to have any box spaces and bulkhead penetrations.

Multifunctional Ladders

Some examples of ours multifunctional marine ladder with upward and downward movement.
It therefore may be used either as a bathing ladder or a docking ladder.
Made in light alloy with steps in teak and automatic stainless steel handrail.


Sanguineti Chiavari Produzione Articoli Nautici srl is the world leader in the design and manufacturing of nautical products and equipments for yachts and mega yachts. The expertise of our technical team and the use of the latest know-how and 3D software enables Sanguineti Chiavari to manufacture: gangways, boarding ladders, bathing ladders, tender handlings for fly bridge or garage, windlasses, capstans, anchor and other products for handlings.


Photos slide of some our products

Boarding Ladders whit autmatic handrails

Handling in the workshop of a side boarding ladders for a 50mt yacht, whit automatic handrails with 1mt heigt and a intermediate  lifeline

Bathing Ladders

Multifunction ladders whit automatic handrails and intermediate lifeline for maximum security and comfortable access both to the dock and to the sea shore.

Multifunctional Gangway

Handling in the workshop of a multifunction gangway which can also be used as a ladders, rotation, and with self-leveling steps at each inclination

Automatic handrails

Thanks to this system it is possible to place automatic retractable stanchions Flush deck wherever and whenever it is necessary to use a secured guardrail (owner balcony, aft platform, etc) with the possibility to be folded practically and quickly using a button.

Deck handlings

An example of deck handling for a crane installation

Travelling lifts with door hinges

One our proposals of traveling lift for tender witch embedded hinges for hatch door.

Retractile Capstans

Capstan in light alloy with up/down motorized movement for eliminating deck obstructions.