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Boarding ladders

The boarding ladders of Sanguineti Chiavari have been designed and projected to guarantee the maximum comfort to get on or off board a large range of vessels. They can be activated by hydraulic power, electrically and in the most simple versions even manually. The solid structure and detailed finishing makes our boarding ladders highly requested by the best shipyards which demand high standard quality as requested by yachts. All our models are designed to satisfy our clients requests, both in terms of practicality and of use of the space available on board. The latest possibility regarding the option series is to insert on the ladder stanchions with automatic opening and self leveling according to the ladder's position. Furthermore the stanchions can be made according to the international regulations MCA LY3.

Three models of boarding ladders with hydraulic command: fixed, revolving and caisson structure. Made from 5 to 12 steps. All models are made with caisson structure. Optionals: automatic stanchions or according to the regulation MCA LY3. All activations are hydraulic dynamic: overturning, inclination and rotation. Nature teak grating walking surface. The ladders are supplied with hydraulic block system.

Hydraulic boarding ladders

Different models of boarding ladders, electrically operated by built in steel wire to improve the on board fitting. Models are made of caisson light alloy stainless steel structure.

Electric boarding ladders

Different models of manual boarding ladders ideal for small vessels or sailing boats. The handling of which is by wire or by hoist with fixed steps. Lower platform retractable, made of light anodized alloy, walking surface in natural grated teak. Fixing on board with a steel plate “a scontro”.

Manual boarding ladders