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Electric boarding ladders

King model

Bulwarks retractile boarding ladder, caisson-structure made of light alloy and stainless steel. Paint finish, self leveling steps, electric drive and control by steel cable, control boom and electric winch. Massive teak “strip shaped” walking surface. Construction made according to dimensions of the bulwarks.

King electric boarding ladders

Detail of King electric boarding ladder


Technical design of king electric boarding ladders


Articulated model

New model of double profile articulated boarding ladder, self leveling steps, anodized light alloy construction, without weldings. Nature teak grating walking surface. Manual operation. On request: electric control kit and holding frame made of light alloy.

Articulated electric boarding ladders

Detail of articulated electric boarding ladders


Technical design of articulated electric boarding ladders

Measures of articulated electric boarding ladders

Swimming ladder for boarding ladder

Extractable manual swimming ladder suitable for all our boarding ladders, made of polished stainless steel with fixed steps made of teak. Right side standard.

Swimming ladder for yacht

Measures of swimming ladder for yacht