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Deck equipments

Since nearly seventy years Sanguineti Chiavari produces deck accessories. From the first horizontal windlasses, which are still used today on many vessels, up to the more sophisticated models of vertical windlasses. During the Company's long experience many products have made us well known due to the innovate aspects such as the built in capstans. This model has been produced for over twenty years and is still under patent. The range of the deck accessories includes the anchors, including our model Sanguineti, and all the accessories required for the total efficiency of the deck of vessels of every size.

Sanguineti Chiavari produces capstans in the fixed model in stainless steel, in the retractable model in stainless steel and in light alloy. Both the model are made in the electric and in the hydaulic version.

Sanguineti Chiavari windlasses both in the horizontal and in the vertical version. Our windlasses are available in different powercapacity and finishing. We make models which have a chain of a diameter of 8 mm up to a chain with diameter 28 mm with or without traversino. Made in electric or hydraulic version. On request we can also provide windlasses with parts approved by Authorities of the naval register.

Deck equipments and windlasses

Sanguineti Chiavari makes chain stoppers and swivel anchor connectors in stainless steel. To complete the range of our windlasses we also provide different types of zinc coated and stainless chains.

Deck equipments and chain stoppers

Different models of anchors and bow rollers for all types of accommodation on board.

Deck equipments and anchors