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In more than 60 years of activity Sanguineti Chiavari has studied innovative solutions also in the nautical furnishing field. A worldwide remarkable recognition had been obtained from the creation of the historical Karin wood chair and the iconic Smeralda light alloy chair from which the respective production lines are born.

Karin line: folding easy chair and stool made of special wood. Mahogany, teak finishing. Seat and back made of standard cream canvas. On request: white or blue canvas. Adjustable-height table, structural elements made of special wood. Movement balanced by gas spring. Mahogany, teak finishing.

Wood nautical furnishing

Smeralda chair and stool, made of high quality anodized light alloy, ideal for outdoor and marine use. Seat and back made of Sunbrella canvas available in six different colors, easily interchangeable and washable. The table complete the Smeralda furnishing line, it is adjustable in two heights and the third one is used in closing position for an easily storage. Made of light alloy with two different top finishing: white lacquer or teak wood finishing

Nautical furnishing