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Tender handling

The tender handlings of Sanguineti Chiavari include a large range of solutions to chose from according to the available on board and the handling needs of the vessel. All solutions are studied and designed to guarantee maximum security on board. They are activated both by hydraulic power or electrically. The solidity of the system combined with accurate details make our large range of tender handlings requested by the best shipyards which require a high quality level as that requested by a yacht. All models are made to totally satisfy the needs of our Clients in both terms of practicality and design and use of space. The range includes handlings for: fly bridge, garage on one or both sides, hatches for sterns or sideways, hinge systems custom studied and the stern platforms. The payload of our products start from 400 kg up to a maximum of 3000 kg.

Horizontal translation system for the handling of tenders of different models and weights. Each travelling lift of Sanguineti Chiavari is studied and built according to the handling needs specifically requested by each vessel.

Payload: 2500/2000/1500/1000/500 kg

Tender lift

There are different payloads for the Sanguineti Chiavari cranes of fly bridge starting from 600 kg up to a maximum of 2000 kg for standard cranes. All models are made in light alloy with hydraulic dynamic activations. Control unit and switchboard are located inside the crane's base.

Fly bridge cranes and tender lift

Different payloads for crane for handling of rescue boats starting from models of 900 kg up to 2000 kg. According to the specific requests of Lsa code Imo res 48 (66) cap VI. "Custom made" cranes for rescue boats are built with payloads as requested by the Clients.

Rescue boat cranes and tender lift

Different solutions for garage cranes made in articulated, hydraulic system or manual version or in the telescopic double element version. All cranes are projected ad hoc for each vessel.

Garage cranes and tender lift

Different solutions for the sterns of each vessel. Regarding the handling of the stern platform, to the construction of the stern platform for the tender handling to the study and project of new platform with integrated retractable ladder.

Platforms and tender lift