Aft doors

Sanguineti Chiavari designs and makes handling systems for different models of hatches with both upwards and downwards opening. It also makes integrated handling systems for traveling lifts.

for aft door

Door movement hinges by hydraulic or electric control. Made of light alloy. Paint finish. Compass or four-pins linkage made as for the structures. Prearranged units including hinge, complete hydraulic system.

with hinges

Horizontal translation systems for the handling of tenders of different models and weights with an integrated hinges system in the movement structure of the hatch. An exclusive system studied by Sanguineti Chiavari. An exclusive system studied by Sanguineti Chiavari. Each Sanguineti Chiavari stacker crane is specifically studied and built according to the specific handling needs of each vessel. The available models start from a payload of 400 kg with single lifting cable reaching more complexed models with a payload of up to 3000 kg with also different solutions for the draught of one or more elements using manual or motorized boom. The more structured models can be used for the hauling and launching of tenders and jet skis on both sides of the vessel and are synchronized with the opening of the hatches.